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11 Emotions Women Go Through During A Bikini Wax

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11 Emotions Women Go Through During A Bikini Wax

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You’ve finally booked that dreadful appointment for a bikini wax. Whether you are a regular or a rookie, when it comes to yanking the hair off the nether regions, you are sure to go through the same emotions time and again.

Whether it is the insane anxiety during the period that leads up to the appointment, or that ultimate feeling of liberation after, hey soul sista! You are not alone.

So you could read on and feel content about all the company you have, or mentally prepare yourself if you don’t know what to expect. Either way woman, these are a few emotions that are sure going to run through your mind from the time you book that appointment until you are finally done with that oh-so-unpleasant bikini wax.Next

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