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5 Popular Types Of Tea People Sip And Stay Healthy


5 Popular Types Of Tea People Sip And Stay Healthy

5 Popular Types Of Tea

Chamomile tea:

A tranquilizing and calming tea made from flower petals, chamomile tea is very helpful with digestion after a meal and treats insomnia (lack of sleeping). This tea is highly recommended for the people suffering from bronchitis and coughing, fever and fatigue, weakness and tiredness etc. Chamomile tea helps treating many bacterial infections along with strengthening the immune system and provides healthy digestion. In order to seek best benefits …….

Green tea:

The presence of strong antioxidants in this wonder herb tea, called polyphenols helps to lessen free radicals. This tea reduces the chances to develop cancerous cells and tumours, reduces cholesterol, promotes weight loss, improves digestion, strengthens immune system, lowers high blood pressure, aids in diabetes, make you feel light and healthy. A cup of green tea after every meal is the best choice one could make for digestion and weight watchers should consider this as a ‘blessing’.

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