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5 Secret Tricks to Lose Weight at Any Age

Weight Loss

5 Secret Tricks to Lose Weight at Any Age

Many of you have already noticed that we are starting to lose our fight with the pounds as we are getting older. Unfortunately, losing weight is more difficult with the years.

On one hand, our metabolism gradually slows down as we age. Every decade on average we burn 1 to 2% fewer calories, thanks to losing some muscle mass and putting on some fat, so if we are not careful, pounds will go up as our age does.

On another hand, we also find exercising less convenient, since we feel our muscles and joints being stiffer and more hurtful.

Nevertheless, a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer, Brian Durbin, believes that if one learns the roadblocks and “how to work around them—it’s easy to be successful atNext

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Jordan Davidson is a California born and raised technology enthusiast who is both a contributor as well as editor-in-chief (EIC) at Health Boom News.

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