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6 Positions That Will Make (Public and Private) Bathroom Sex A Breeze

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6 Positions That Will Make (Public and Private) Bathroom Sex A Breeze

Sometimes having hotter sex is as simple as a change of scene – and a few steamy new positions to try in said space. One location that tends to be less utilised by lovemakers? The bathroom. Sure, there’s no shortage of shower sex that can be had here. But what about using the bathroom sink or top of the toilet to your advantage? Or getting it done in an empty public bathroom when the mood strikes while the two of you are still out?

With a little creativity (and some discretion), the bathroom can become the scene of your next steamy shag session. Not to mention, once the two of you are done, the clean up is more than convenient. We asked a few experts (and some real women who regularly get it on in the bathroom) for their best tips, advice and sex positions for using any bathroom to it’s full fornication potential. Read on for the best bathroom sex positions.

1. Sex In Public Toilets

It has the potential to get a little gross depending on the venue, but sex in a public bathroom gets the job done – especially if you’re not ready to call it a night just yet. Of course, you’ll want to do whatever you can to be discreet while you’re doing it – and of course, not get caught. For you less risky risk takers, know that sex in a public bar or club toiletwill likely just get you kicked out of the place rather than arrested.

Why? The chances of the staff detaining you and drawing police to their venue in order to press charges are pretty much slim to none, since the police showing up to a bar can kill the vibe faster than a guy whipping out his guitar at a house party. But you may want to choose a place that you’re not particularly attached to when you’re looking to pull this one off, just in case you do end up getting banned for life.

“If you’re in public, aim for a unisex bathroom that won’t draw as much attention when either of you slip in,” says Lorraine White, cofounder of Unbound. Bonus points if you’re doing it in one of those unisex bathrooms that have high walls and doors rather than stalls. “A commodious single capacity room with in-room sink is ideal,” says White. “Otherwise, aim for the handicap stall (which is usually at the end of a row and less likely to be noticed).”

If you two have your hearts set on bathroom sex on a plane, however, White suggests proceeding with as much caution as possible knowing the legal risks. “The holy grail of bathroom sex may be the elusive mile high club,” she says, “but if you’re caught you risk getting slapped with anything from indecent exposure charges to possible jail time if you’re deemed to have interfered with the flight crew.”

“While that may add to the thrill, I don’t think it’s really worth it for the privilege of hooking up in a glorified airborne port-a-potty. Whether it’s the bathroom on an airplane, in a restaurant, bar or concert venue, make sure that when you’re having semi-public sex you keep it quick (skip the foreplay) and quiet (save the loud moans for back home).”

What Real Women Say

“My ex and I used to frequent this club in Brooklyn that had coed bathrooms,” says Nicole, 28. “To be fair, there was a security guard that would stand guard outside the bathroom door – which was open with a line of sinks, and then each stall was behind a door that went down to the floor (so we didn’t have to worry about it looking obvious that two people were in there). We got it down to a science: I’d go in first, pick the stall (as far back as I could go) and he’d watch me go in.

“Then he’d come in a few minutes later and we’d do it doggy style standing up, with me holding on to the top of the toilet tank to keep the balance. The only time we ever came close to getting caught was when my ex had one too many one night, and couldn’t remember which stall I was in. He was trying to get into one that was occupied by someone else who wouldn’t let him in, and the security guard saw he was drunk and trying to do so and guided him to another empty stall. But he found me eventually!”

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