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9 Simple Tricks to Get Rid of Sleep Apnea (And Snoring) Naturally


9 Simple Tricks to Get Rid of Sleep Apnea (And Snoring) Naturally

Fortunately, science-backed alternative options exist to treat sleep apnea. Bear in mind, however, that since the root causes behind sleep apnea vary, a remedy that cures one person might do nothing for another.

“You need a combination that’s right for the individual” Pascualy says. Experiment with some or all of these, and see which work for you.

9 Holistic Ways to Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea

1. Trim down. Shedding about 10 percent of your body weight can send sleep apnea into total or near-total remission, according to a 2009 Archives of Internal Medicine study involving more than 260 obese, diabetic participants with sleep apnea. In fact, losing just 5 or 10 pounds improves symptoms, while gaining 5 to 10 pounds worsens them.Continue-Reading

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