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Best Sex Positions for Women That’ll Get Her off Every Time

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Best Sex Positions for Women That’ll Get Her off Every Time

Women and men don’t always agree about what qualifies as great sex. Due to our differing anatomies, what feels pleasurable to one partner may not be all that impressive to the other. In this satisfaction battle of the sexes, women often lose out. “Intercourse itself seems to be designed really for giving the man pleasure,” says Deborah Caust, clinical sexologist and licensed marriage and family therapist.

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There is hope, however, in the form of relatively simple sex positions, specially curated by Caust with women’s desires in mind. Of course, none of these amount to much without foreplay, proper lubrication, and communication, but combine any one of them with that trifecta, and the both of you will be well on your way to having great sex.

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Jordan Davidson is a California born and raised technology enthusiast who is both a contributor as well as editor-in-chief (EIC) at Health Boom News.

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