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How to Build Lean Muscle With INTENSE Workouts


How to Build Lean Muscle With INTENSE Workouts

Struggling to pack on muscle and get ripped? Hitting plateaus in your training and just not making the progress you feel you should be? Desperate to get that shredded body you’ve always dreamed of?

Keep reading if you answered yes to any of those questions, because today you are going to learn how to build lean muscle with intense workouts that will enable you to overcome training plateaus and develop your muscle mass quickly and efficiently.

Apart from an insufficiently calorie-rich and high protein diet, the biggest reason why you are likely to not be gaining muscle at a rapid rate is due to a lack of intensity in your training. Now you might be saying to yourself ‘hold on a second, I spend two hours in the gym a day’, but here’s a slightly shocking little secret; time spent working out is not equivalent to intensity.

An hour long workout that is intense and leaves you shaking like a plate of jelly is far more effective than two hour plus “marathon” gym sessions in which you perform every isolation exercise known to man. One of the key secrets when you want to build lean muscle is to perform short, intense workouts based on compound lifts, not isolation exercises.

Compound lifts work more than one muscle group at one time, meaning that your body has to work harder, meaning greater intensity, meaning greater muscle mass gains in the long run. Build your workout around heavy sets of 5-8 reps of exercises such as bench press, squat, dead lift, and weighted pull-ups. In fact, using those four exercises alone is all you need to create an intense, full-body workout that will help you to build lean muscle.

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