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Here’s How Can Coffee Be Bad for Your Back?


Here’s How Can Coffee Be Bad for Your Back?

Coffee drinking is more popular than ever. Some estimate that anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of the total population in North America (both children and adults) consume caffeine in some form on a regular basis.

While caffeine features in everything from your morning coffee to energy drinks and sodas, for most adults it is the coffee that’s hard to do without. After all, it’s the shot in the arm that gets you through the work day or a busy morning at home. But what if the same soothing cup was also responsible for that stiff or aching back?

While no incriminating evidence directly links coffee consumption and chronic backaches, what emerges from studies is that caffeine can set things up for backaches. Whether it is stress, inflammation, sleep disorders, or anxiety, your coffee could be making these conditions worse and resulting in that aching back. In addition, coffee can aggravate things further if you have arthritis or back problems, intensifying the pain. According to Ayurveda, lower back pain is largely a problem of vata dosha and requires the person to cut out any inflammation-causing foods and stimulants that can aggravate the insomnia they are already prone to. So before you reach for that next cup of joe, clue yourself in on the flip side of your trusty aid.Next

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