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Diet for Losing Belly Fat – 3 Helpful Tips You May Not Have Known!


Diet for Losing Belly Fat – 3 Helpful Tips You May Not Have Known!

If you are on a diet for losing belly fat, no doubt you have stocked your refrigerator up with vegetables, have purchased whole grain breads, are counting calories, and are toting your water bottle everywhere you go. Doing all these things is GREAT, but can you make your diet for losing belly fat an even greater success? Here are some interesting tips about dieting that may come as a surprise.

Put The Veggie Sandwiches Away.

Vegetables are a dieter’s best friend, as they are low in calories and full of nutrients. They taste great on bread, but you probably will want to add some protein to that sandwich to keep your hunger under control.

You get quite a lot of carbohydrates when you eat a sandwich made from vegetables and bread. Even though the veggies (and possibly the bread) contain some fiber, your hunger will not be satisfied for long, and thoughts about your diet for losing belly fat will be thrown out the window.

The reason for this is that your veggie sandwich contains no protein or fat. Your body does require a certain amount of protein and fat, as they nourish your muscles and help your body to burn carbs at a slower rate. This slower rate means you feel “full” longer.

If you still want to have a total veggie sandwich, add some heart-healthy fats 2% cheese slices, olive oil, or avocado slices.

Facts About Fasting

Although fasting as part of a diet for losing belly fat and losing weight in general has been going on for countless years, the truth is that the weight you lose from fasting is only lost temporarily.

The initial weight loss from fasting can be attributed to the reduction in food intake. Our food gives us quite a bit of our fluids, so we lose water weight when fast, and not fat. Water weight, unfortunately, will come right back when you start eating again.

Your body is an incredibly efficient machine when it is in good health, and does not require fasting. Some people do claim that an occasional fast helps them feel better and get rid of toxins, but there is no research to prove this.

If you do decide to go on a fast, why not consider undergoing a “whole food fast”? Determine to eliminate the following from your diet for several days at a time: fast foods, processed foods, and even cooked foods. You will get plenty of nutrition and skip the chemical additives. Drink plenty of pure water and you will feel better in no time!

Burn Calories By Drinking Ice Water

Is this really possible? Can drinking ice-cold water help you in your diet for losing belly fat? Many people swear by it. Their rational is that for your body to heat up the frigid water and digest it, it has to use extra energy – and thus burn extra calories.

If you think it sounds like an old wives’ tale, think again! Dr. Roger Clemens from the USC School of Pharmacy found in his research that you can indeed burn calories just by drinking ice water. It is not much, but every little bit helps with a diet for losing belly fat, right? Dr. Clemens found that your body burns about 8 calories per 8-ounce glass of freezing water you drink – just for heating the water before digestion.

Now 8 calories per 8-ounce glass is definitely nothing to base a whole diet for losing belly fat on, but it is interesting none the less! So drink up! Water (and ice cold at that) is healthy for you!

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