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Drink This Avocado Green Smoothie for Glowing Skin and Healthy Joints


Drink This Avocado Green Smoothie for Glowing Skin and Healthy Joints

Every time I think of avocado, all that comes to my mind is healthy fats!  I often compare it to nuts, because these two are essential sources of fats for our diet.

The creamy and buttery texture of avocados is full of nutrients, such as: vitamins C, E, K and B6, riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, potassium, beta-carotene, lutein and omega-3.

This never ending line of nutrients in avocado, keeps your body healthy, by fighting the following diseases: heart problems, macular degeneration, osteoporosis, cancer, depression, indigestion and chronic diseases.

Therefore, it would be great to incorporate this amazing fruit into our morning smoothie which will show its nutritious results on the biggest organ in your body- your skin. It is so important to have an elastic and glowing skin, because that is the perfect sign that everything is well with our inner organs and health.

However, the four key nutrients in avocado that directly give you a better complexion are in fact: vitamin C -because of its antioxidant properties; vitamin E – which reduces the UVA and UVB radiation from skin exposure to sun; carotenoids – it improves skin thickness, density and tone; the monosaturated fatty acids – the omega-9 fats, such as the oleic acid regenerate damaged skin and also reduce any skin inflammation, redness or irritation;

On the other hand, those same nutrients will keep your joints healthy because they prevent pro-inflammatory prostaglandin E2 synthesis with the connective tissue and prevent rheumatoid arthritis.Next

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