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Hairstyle of the Month: A Wild Red Pixie in 4 Steps


Hairstyle of the Month: A Wild Red Pixie in 4 Steps

Our love affair with pixies is no secret at this point, so the fact that we selected this wildly sexy red version for our March Hairstyle of the Month should come as no surprise. Styled by Gerrit Henning and Dirk Pentleit from the Braun Der Friseur Salon in Kaarst, Germany, the nifty look has volume for days and a color we can’t stop ogling over.

We asked the stylists what they love most about the look and they had some cool insight into its texture: “Because of the soft and feather-like texture at the top area, this haircut [allows for] individual and versatile styling.”

If you’re practically drooling with envy over the rad color of this red pixie hairstyle, join the club. Henning and Pentleit said the hue helps accentuate the totally trendy look and we couldn’t agree more. “The saturated mahogany tone emphasizes the outline definition. This complements the facial features and the fair skin complexion,” they said. “The ombre effect at the ends brings out the feather-like texture of this hairstyle.”

As for the cut itself, the stylists applied an under cutting method to bring out as much volume as possible and shape definition at the top. They further explained: “The soft graduation keeps the lower back area very close and provides emphasis to the upper back area. The same graduation procedure is applied at the sides.”

Pretty cool, huh? Now we don’t know about you, but we’re ready to try our hand at this trendy style. Read on for tips for scoring the style below!Next

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