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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Gain Muscle Quickly


How to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Gain Muscle Quickly


Step 1

Live a healthy lifestyle

Experts agree that living a healthy lifestyle is crucial in losing weight. A healthy lifestyle includes:

1.1. Eating the proper food

Proper diet is a major factor in staying healthy. Vegetables and fruits are major sources of essential nutrients. These types of foodstuffs have antitoxins to combat toxic substances inside the body. They are rich with fibers and phytochemicals that are good for digestion and metabolism. When food are completely metabolized, fats would not amass in the adipose tissues to form fat deposits like belly fat. Proteins are also “grow” foods, so you should have a balanced protein diet. How to lose belly fat is easy if you know the right foods to eat.

1.2. Sleep well

The body needs 8-hour sleep for normal physiologic functions. When you are not able to sleep, these could lead to secondary disturbances like taking in drugs to ward off sleep. People who lack sleep are cranky, absent-minded and their psychomotor skills are not functioning well.

1.3. Avoid prohibited drugs, cigarette and alcohol

Drugs cause physical and physiological dependence. A dysfunction in any part of the body would eventually affect the function of other body parts too. Consequently, the digestion and metabolism of fats may be insufficient causing the storage of fats in the abdominal area resulting to belly fat. Alcohol also has the effect of decreasing fat metabolism and causing it to amass in the belly, which some people call beer belly. Cigarette and alcohol can cause malnutrition thereby decreasing the ability of the body to perform its biochemical processes, and one of them is the metabolism of fats or lipids. One method is to stop drinking beer or alcohol.

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