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How to Lose Body Fat for Abs: Six Diet Tips for Perfect Abs


How to Lose Body Fat for Abs: Six Diet Tips for Perfect Abs

Since it’s impossible to spot reduce fat you can’t get abs just by working them. See, it takes more than simply a few exercises, but it also takes less…..

Combining less but more effective exercise, and less, but more nutritious food is the path to perfect abs. Despite what the 1000 sit-ups a day brigade is doing learning to eat right makes the biggest difference.

Here are some tips to help you lose body fat for abs you can be proud of:

1) Drop the fat hiding your abs

When it comes to abs, losing fat comes first. See it doesn’t matter how strong and well developed those abs are if they are hidden by a layer of fat. Vince Gironda used to say “don’t work your abs until you can see them” and he had a point. The biggest challenge is dropping the fat and that is where your focus needs to be. To do that, you need to eat right for that goal.

2) Tip the balance in your favour

The law of energy balance is that you must take in less calories than you use in order to lose fat. So simply, you need to find a way to eat less. The easier you can make this on yourself the easier it will be, and the more successful. The trick to this is avoiding the typical diet based on depriving yourself. It really needn’t be that hard or that complicated. A few simple habits will help you handle the legwork.

3) Keep it simple

Go back to basics and cut back on processed foods and aggressive tastes. These types tend to be loaded with fat and sugar and promote the storage hormone insulin which builds up your body. Not ideal in this case since the plan is to create a fat melting environment.

Plus the more “exciting” your food is the more likely you are to eat more of it. When food becomes entertainment rather than functional you lose that balance and control and it’s not the route to perfect abs.

4) Get in the habit of enjoying natural foods

Modern processed foods aren’t quite the work of the devil, but they have the hand of man all over them, just not a man who knows much about how you get perfect abs. processed foods are loaded with additives, chemicals and preservatives. And they are addictive too, meaning you will likely eat more. Great for the man who sells them; not so great for your abs.

5) Set yourself afloat

Drinking water helps to keep your organs in top condition for melting fat and it also makes sure you are not mistaking thirst for hunger.

6) Feel more full from less food

If you eat the kind of bulky salads and vegetables that will make you feel satisfied while not being packed full of calories you create a win-win situation; melting fat without feeling the effort. You don’t have to go crazy. Just start substituting some of the foods on your plate for salads and veggies. It’s easy, and it works.

These tips will help you on the way to the abs you want. They say perfection doesn’t exist; but they haven’t seen your abs yet!

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