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How Does Hypnosis Help for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

How Does Hypnosis Help for Weight Loss

People suffering weight issues are ready to explore every possible avenue that promises fast and long-term weight loss. So, when they hear a statement like “Hypnosis for weight loss”, the mind is curious to know whether it works or is just another of those rumors floated in the air to spite the many struggling to beat the bulge.

Hypnosis for weight loss does sound like an odd combination of the physical and psychological, but as a matter of fact, it works. In fact, hypnotherapy as a branch of alternative medicine can be used as a cure for a range of other illness. Let’s explore more in this short section.

Hypnotherapy – An Overview

Hypnotherapy is a mind-body technique that involves changing one’s mental state. The process transfers the mind into a state of deep relaxation and concentration. As the mind becomes more relaxed, it becomes more receptive and is thereby open to suggestions. Also, the clear state of mind helps to identify, examine and solve problems present in the body. The trance-like state can be achieved through self hypnosis or with the help of a hypnotherapist.

How does Hypnosis help to Lose Weight?

Hypnosis for weight loss involves analyzing the root causes for excessive weight gain as well as the reasons for the inability to lose weight. A mental health professional through hypnosis will first try to get out from the patient the possible reasons for overeating. We believe that overeating is the result of hunger. This is not true. For many, it is a habit that’s difficult to break. For others, it is a way to dull pain. You might have heard of stress-eating. Lack of exercise is another reason why obese and overweight individuals are unable to shed the unwanted pounds. A hypnotherapist will use hypnosis to identify the reasons for one’s aversion to exercise.

After identifying the problem and its causes, hypnotherapists instruct patients to incorporate a healthy diet plan and exercise program. They also help discard negative thoughts about one’s body image and thereby help you approach weight loss in a healthy manner. They do so by constantly reiterating phrases. They also employ mental imagery in the process.

Self Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is usually administered by a health professional in an office setting. However, one can also do it at home using external aids that fill in the role of a hypnotherapist. These external aids include pre-recorded CDs and webcasts.

While hypnosis does offer benefits for weight loss, one cannot depend on it alone. In addition to using this mind-body technique, it is important to maintain healthy weight by eating right and exercising regularly. One should note that this method does not guarantee losing a certain number of pounds within a given time frame. It is just a tool you can use to cultivate a healthy mindset and support your weight loss efforts. Also, you should avoid using hypnotherapy excessively as it might cause emotional distress in some. If you want to make this approach most effective, it starts with choosing a trained and experienced hypnotherapist.

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