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Lose Belly Fat Fast – This 15 Minute Workout Will Help You Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week

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Lose Belly Fat Fast – This 15 Minute Workout Will Help You Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week

    • Standing Jumps Take any object that sits 6 inches off the floor ( a pile of books will do) and stand behind. The exercise is to jump backwards and forwards over the object as quickly and as many times as you can.


    • Squat thrusts With hands on the floor stretch your legs back as far as possible then pull your feet as high up under your body as possible and as quickly as you can, repeat.


    • Pike Crunches Lie flat on the floor with your arms fully extended above your head and your toes pointed out in front of you. Bend your knees slightly then raise your legs off the floor and at the same time raise your arms, keeping them straight until you get to the V position. Hold for a few seconds then return to the floor, repeat as many time as you can.


    • Star Jumps Squat with your hands just touching the floor then launch your self off the floor extending arms and legs in a star formation, repeat as many time as you can. You really must explode into this exercise.


    • Sitting Push Ups Sit in an arm chair with you hands on each arm, raise your legs until your body is in an “L” position. Complete as many push ups as you can, this works abs and triceps.


  • Sit Ups. Lie flat on the floor and anchor your feet to a chair, then with hands behind your head, or folded across your chest raise your torso off the floor and when upright twist the body first right then left and return to the floor complete as many reps as you can.

These exercises should be completed with intensity and maximum effort but I would warn beginners and anyone really out of condition to take it easy to begin with. Also please remember that if you start to feel any discomfort or pain you must stop immediately, if you do not you will get hurt.

Always warm down with some light jogging or skipping.

If you complete these exercises daily, eat a balanced diet and keep hydrated you will begin to lose belly fat within a week, but you must be consistent and committed.

Make this your daily mantra: I must lose belly fat and I will.

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