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Nutritional Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit


Nutritional Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit contains several health benefits, including increases immune system, lower cholesterol levels, prevent heart and cancer disease, help in weight loss, boost energy, improve digestion, helps the body fight against fungi and bacteria infections, and offers overall health benefits. This is a unique fruit that you can find it in any grocery store in the produce section. Dragon fruit looks beautiful with outstanding pink hues even the color of the fruit offers myriad health benefits, in reality, the health benefits of the dragon are countless.

The ripe Dragon fruit tastes something like a sweet kiwi, extremely sweet with a slightly tangy taste and it is surely one of the exotic fruit that every individual must eat. This fruit is incredible on its own, but when it is combined with pineapple and kiwi fruit, it tastes even more incredible.

This exotic, delicious fruit is considered as a tropical superfood as it offers incredible health benefits, though it didn’t get into the mainstream, or limelight because of the availability of several other superfoods. The dragon fruit is also famously known as pitaya. You can find this fruit in different countries, including South America, Mexico, and Central America, and now it is also available in Southeast Asian nations, including Thailand, Cambodia, through settlers. You can also find yellow dragon fruit, which resembles a pineapple, but with a soft texture and with spikes.

Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit contains a large quantity of phytonutrients, and it is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, polyunsaturated with good fatty acids. Dragon fruit also contains Vitamin B that is good for carbohydrate metabolism, also contains protein and carotene. Eat dragon fruit for strong teeth and bones as it contains calcium, phosphorous and iron, which can, also, offer strong tissues and blood formation. Dragon fruit improves the immune system and contains properties that heal the wounds and bruises quickly and control respiratory problems.

A Dragon fruit does not contain carbohydrates, so it digests quickly with Vitamin B and B1. The phytochemical captain in dragon fruit treats heart problems, the oil in the seeds of the fruit works as a mild laxative.
The dragon fruit seeds are rich in polyunsaturated fats, including omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that decrease triglycerides and avoids cardiovascular disorders. If you eat dragon fruit regularly, then it can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and it helps you get rid of body toxin elements and improves eyesight. The lycopene in the dragon fruit is the reason for the red color in the fruit, which also reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Dragon fruit is rich in fructose that may be not good for your health if you eat the excessive quantity of dragon fruit since you should eat it in moderation. Eat this sweet dragon fruit moderately, and get several health benefits effortlessly. The texture of the dragon fruit is like kiwi and the flesh contains several small black seeds, which are good for digestion. The extract of the dragon fruit can be mixed in beverages and wine, and the juice of the dragon fruit is a kind of healthy tea, and the spiky skin contains high nutritional values.

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