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The Best Foods to Treat Sore Muscles


The Best Foods to Treat Sore Muscles

Tired muscles need nourishment. Just like our brains and bellies, our muscles don’t function properly if we don’t give them what they need to get stronger. The most critical time to feed sore or tired muscles is right after a workout; ideally, you’ll have a balanced meal with all your macronutrients (i.e. carbs, fats, and proteins) within 20 minutes after your muscle or weight-training workout.

Some studies show that this muscle recovery window is so short that even consuming a meal one hour after a workout doesn’t do the kind of repair work that an earlier meal would. So, if you abide by the 20-minute rule of muscle replenishment after strength training, the next step is deciding what you should eat during this important refuel. Muscles that have been depleted need a mix of protein and carbs, and maybe a small amount of healthy fat. Here are 7 foods that help to treat sore muscles.start_article (1)

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Markham Heid has written about health, fitness, and nutrition for national magazines. An avid cyclist and (one-time) triathlete, he's a Michigan native.

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